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As the Month Without Tobacco approaches, we understand the importance of providing a complete guide for those who want to quit smoking and those who do not smoke and want to be of a supporting shoulder. That’s why we have compiled various tools to help participants with this challenge. Discover below the different tools available for you during the Month Without Tobacco support program.


Is it possible to quit smoking without gaining weight?

Weight gain is a worry for many smokers. And indeed, it is a topic that needs to be addressed if you want to start quitting smoking. You may put on a few pounds, often because you compensate for the lack of nicotine by eating more and more frequently (and we understand you), but it’s not necessarily like that for everyone!

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Tools to help you in your quit

Receive your 40-day practical guide

The practical guide to Tobacco-Free Month takes the form of a diary for the month of November. This guide will help you stay on track and keep you motivated throughout the journey. In addition, you can expect daily digital support in their inbox.

Upcoming community events

Online and offline activities

Our commitment to offer a varied range of both online and offline events is at the center of our efforts for the Month Without Tobacco initiative.

Have a look at all our upcoming events in our events dedicated page.

Professionnals close to you

Direct access to health professionals

We will offer direct access to professionals, bridging the gap between health professionals and participants.

Expert contributions on the topic of quitting smoking will be available to all participants. Discover the health experts and institutions close to you and get in touch with them for further support.

The month without tobacco online community

Online safe space

With the Month Without Tobacco Facebook group, the entire Month Without Tobacco community comes together to support each other. Experience sharing, goodies, surprises and tips to help you along the way are what is coming.

If you want to benefit from support in your quit, register to the upcmonging Month Without Tobacco and join the other participants in this collective journey.