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November 2023

Participate !

Save the date already: in November 2023, Month Without Tobacco is back!


The month without tobacco program offers you all the chances to quit for good!

In November, the Month Without Tobacco team will help you to stop smoking. In short, you will definitely find what you need to stay motivated with:

  • Support from health professionals
  • Exchange with other participants
  • Daily advices, informations and messages of encouragement
  • and way more…

November is the time to try! Why don’t you put all the chances on your side?

All together

Why stop smoking alone when you can do it with others ? Thanks to the Month Without Tobacco community, share and receive positivity and encouragement in this process !

Easy as pie

The first month is the hardest part of quitting smoking: Take up this challenge with us and let us guide you with tips and contests for more fun.

A unique 30-day programme

Receive your “Practical Guide – The 2022 November Agenda”. On each page a tip, a challenge. The big plus: customize it to suit your needs !

Tools to help you in your quit

Quit smoking helpline

Free professional advice

Professionnals close to you

Health experts ready to support you

Stopsmoking website

Free golden mine of information

Receive your practical guide & daily newsletters

Free aid kit and daily messages

Stopsmoking app

Free on-the-go assistance

Upcoming community events

Online and Offline activities close to you

Join the online community

Safe space of exchanges and collective support

The Month Without Tobacco, how does it work ?

22 October

Let’s get ready together with your practical guide !

1st November

Let’s start We’ll stop together !

1st December

We’re not giving up ! Let’s continue for a Life Without Tobacco?


Understand your habits.

Find and reinforce your motivations.

Set clear and attainable goals.

Advices from professionals.

Sharing experiences with other participants.

and way more…

Don’t give up !

Keep in touch with the other participants.

And celebrate your successes.




Partners section

Would you like to support a concrete health project ?

Whether you are a community, a company, an association, an institution or a health care facility, you have a role to play in supporting the smokers around you. Discover examples of actions and download free tools on our website.

Blog & Newsletter

Discover more resources in our blog section and read our latest updates on different topics related to smoking .

Blog & Newsletter

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